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2013 National On-Site “MOTY” Award Spotlight

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Latalladi spotlightEven before brandishing his skills as Executive Director of Ibis Property Owners Association (POA), a West Palm Beach community of 1,871 homes with over 5,000 residents, Ed Latalladi answered the call to serve his community. As “New York’s Finest” turned Florida Community Manager, Ed’s dedication to his profession helped earn him the Association Reserves 2013 National On-Site “Manager of the Year” (MOTY) Award, presented at the annual MOTY “Top 100” Award Reception in April.

Latalladi started his career with the NY Police Department in 1994, where he worked as a Police Sergeant and certified Police Instructor. He also served as a member of the Special Operations and Marine units.

After a 10 year career, Latalladi moved to Florida to work for a safety and security company in an association-governed community. In 2007, Ibis POA hired Latalladi as their Director of Public Safety. A mere three years later, Ed assumed the role of the POA’s Executive Director.

“Determined,” “dedicated,” and “innovative” were the adjectives used in recommendation letters submitted in connection with Latalladi’s National MOTY Contest application. “Ed has managed our community association through challenging times and events including turnover, severe Florida weather events, and a tough economic climate,” Jay Chaskin, IBIS POA President, wrote. “Ed’s collaborative efforts with his staff, our Board, committees and his peers have helped to maximize our resources and reduce costs in landscape maintenance and facilities management.”

OnsiteWinner2 - CroppedAs a result of Ed’s efforts, Ibis POA assessments have not increased in over four years, and services and facilities have improved due to cost savings and revenue generating initiatives. Among these initiatives was the Ibis Nursery. Initially targeted as a cost savings measure, an unused parcel of land was used to grow areca palms for a perimeter landscaping project. The result: $80,000 in cost savings. Ibis Nursery and Landscaping services grew under Latalladi’s leadership, and Ibis soon accepted contracts from other neighborhood associations, resulting in a new Ibis POA revenue stream with annual net profits exceeding $300,000.

Latalladi’s ingenuity also came into play in reducing assessment delinquencies. Ibis POA collected unpaid assessments directly from tenants and suspended certain owner privileges (like guest gate access) for owners who were not “in good standing.” By making the development, adoption, and enforcement of these two new collection policies a priority, the Ibis delinquency rate dropped to 3%, well below the national average.

Latalladi believes that strengthening the sense of community within Ibis is essential to creating a positive and friendly environment for the residents. With the help of his team, Latalladi organized numerous philanthropic events that have strengthened the fibers of the community while raising awareness and funds for charitable organizations. The list includes the Ibis Annual Holiday Toy Drive, Ibis Annual Thanksgiving 5k Run, Ibis Armed Forces Day Parade (honoring the Wounded Warriors of South Florida), and the Ibis Does Care Halloween Food Drive, which has collected 14,000 pounds of food for the Palm Beach County Food Bank.

Ed Latalladi (CCAP)Receiving praise and appreciation for his accomplishments is not a new experience for Latalladi. Thanks to Ed’s leadership and managerial tactics, Ibis POA was honored with the Florida 2012 “Communities of Excellence” award for financial innovation. “Ed is an impressive young man and I believe he will continue to blossom in this profession,” gushed Kathryn Danella, CMCA, LSM, PCAM, the 2012 National President of the Community Associations Institute.

The National “Manager of the Year Contest” was established to recognize and reward Managers who have applied effective and passionate leadership to improve the communities that they manage. Latalladi, through all of his accomplishments, ideas, and innovations, has proved himself a worthy and inspiring winner.