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2014 National On-Site “MOTY” Award Spotlight

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Kravit spotlightFor Marcy Kravit, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, becoming the on-site manager of Residence du Cap on Williams Island in Aventura, Florida in the Spring of 2013 was an opportunity to make an impact and apply her passion. Kravit’s first step was to perform a “SWOT” analysis of the Association, identifying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Her ability to minimize weaknesses, seek out opportunities, and eliminate threats helped her become the 2014 National On-Site “Manager of the Year” (MOTY), an accomplishment presented at the annual MOTY Award Reception in May.
Kravit set out to create a completely new culture of teamwork within the community of Residence de Cap. She began by implementing weekly meetings with a “Bright Ideas Campaign” so employees may have the opportunity to make suggestions and share feedback. Following this addition, she developed and introduced the Residence du Cap Gold Standards. This initiative successfully raised the building’s level of service to reach the highest standards possible. Kravit’s open communication with the staff and unique management style encouraged a teamwork mentality that greatly improved all parts of the community. Rod White, former Residence du Cap Board President for 16 years notes, “Ms. Kravit cultivated an outstanding rapport with her team and our residents.”

In addition to a positive shift in morale, Kravit implemented key changes to the building’s technology. This consisted of upgrading and reformatting important documents, establishing an email system, and installing digital security cameras in parts of the development where previously there had been none. These changes drastically improved the security of the property.

Not only did Kravit update and repair all maintenance issues, she strove beyond that to insure environmentally friendly adjustments were made to the building as well. Examples include changing to LED lights, retrofitting high energy consumption areas such as the garage, lobby, and fountains, and installing an Automation Energy Management System. It is these deliberate efforts that have allowed the Residence du Cap to win The City of Aventura “GO GREEN Recognition Program” year after year.

Marcy KravitWith passion and a drive to improve more than just the physical state of Residence du Cap, Kravit also wanted to create an opportunity for neighbors to form connections with one another. She wanted to foster a friendlier and more community-based environment for homeowners. In coordination with the concierge, Kravit designed and scheduled several new social events, – a catered continental breakfast served every Sunday, a Meet & Greet, and an annual Resident Holiday Party.

Perhaps one of the most measurable of Kravit’s improvements came from her diligent attention to detail. As she reviewed all contracts and organized an Insurance Schedule, Kravit noticed that the flood insurance premium was extremely high. Upon further inspection, she discovered that the Flood Elevation Certificate was incorrect. Kravit ordered a new inspection and received a refund of over $54,000 because of the error. The annual premium was then reduced from $75K to $25K.

#366 HeadshotKravit has truly made a difference in every aspect of her work. According to Mariann Gerwig, Director of Finance and Operations at Carousel Development & Restoration, Inc. and a long-time industry vendor, “I would be hard pressed to name anybody else that exceeds her level of knowledge and commitment to her profession.”

The National “Manager of the Year Contest” was established to recognize and reward managers who have applied effective and passionate leadership to improve the communities that they manage. Marcy L. Kravit has proven herself a bright addition to Residence du Cap and a worthy and inspiring MOTY winner.