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Application is Closed

Applications are open January 10 -31, 2019.

On-Site Manager Application

 Portfolio Manager Application

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It may be helpful to download a printable version. This will allow you to assemble basic information about the Association you manage, your professional career, and any continuing education that you have participated in over the past year before filling out the online application.

On-Site Manager Printable PDF Version

Portfolio Manager Printable PDF Version



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After seven years of a successful program, we have decided to put the contest on hold to focus our time and energy in new directions. As the Founding Sponsor dating back to 2013, the decision to pause this program has not come easy! Our vision was that the stories of professionalism, creativity, and achievement from the best Managers in our industry would inspire other Managers to greater excellence. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Sponsors, Media Partners, Voting Partner, CCAP, and especially Managers for their faithful support in making that come true!