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MOTY Hall of Fame

Portfolio: Laura Lazar (GA)
On-Site: Ed Latalladi (FL)
Portfolio: Danielle Carbajal (CA)
On-Site: Marcy Kravit (FL)
Portfolio: Maurice Bozman (FL)
On-Site: Richard Egan (CA)
Portfolio: Dean Lerner (IL)
On-Site: Scott Ellison (CO)
Portfolio: Michael Tulacz (SC)
On-Site: Kristan Roberts (TN)
Portfolio: Kate Hightshoe (IA)
On-Site: Robert Sides (CA)
Portfolio: Tiffany D. Jackson (FL)
On-Site: Pamela L. Coleman (CO)

"Very positive, exciting and rewarding. Being a past winner on the panel of judges was inspiring."

"It was a tremendous honor to be recognized by my peers, co-workers, and community members, for going above and beyond."

"The contest has positioned me for better leads to obtain newer and bigger Associations to manage. My portfolio grew exponentially since my winning and press release. The award and the huge check are great conversation pieces on my desk. The entire experience was a positive one, and I absolutely love the contest and what it stands for."

"I found the MOTY journey one that was challenging, fun and of gratification."

"Great for credibility for myself as well as my management company. Nice feather in both caps. Been invited to speak at our local Community Management conference this fall."

"Winning this award for the 1st time it was ever conducted has helped me in my career tremendously. Boards respect the award as a sign that I really do know my industry, peers respect that I have achieved a national award for the work we all do and prospective clients certainly do notice the logo on my presentation and business card. It is an achievement I will treasure forever."

"Very enjoyable, honored to be a participant. Very much appreciate the hard work of the council members, sponsors and staff."

"The experience was very rewarding on a personal level and I was grateful that you have recognized the professionalism and effort that goes into being a Manager."

"The MOTY contest has impacted my professional career in a collateral way more so than direct. The MOTY contest has thrust forward the deserved professional recognition of Community Managers nationwide. As such, the profession is viewed with much more respect, appreciation and professionalism, by property owners, board members, and colleagues than ever before."

"My experience with the MOTY contest was truly humbling. The privilege and opportunity to participate in the MOTY process with so many talented colleagues, and ultimately being selected as a "Manager of the Year", simply inspired me to strive harder at making life better for anyone I serve or come in contact with."

"My experience with the contest was unbelievably exciting. The composition took time and had to be significant because we all do great things all day in this industry. The voting was fun and the ceremony was wonderful to have my family in attendance in San Diego."

"The MOTY contest was a wonderful experience for me. In writing the essay, to watching the international online voting, to the reception in Florida, I have nothing but amazing memories. Truly a milestone in my career."