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Stage III: Online Voting

The Top 3 Finalists in each category will enter the third and final stage of the contest: Online Voting, which will be administered by The Inspectors of Election. Online voting begins on April 15th and closes on April 19th. The overall winners will be determined by a vote conducted by three separate entities:

The Top 3 Finalists in each category will be assigned points based on the voting results.  Each voting entity will be weighed equally and will account for 1/3 of the final decision.  (e.g., the Finalist who receives the most popular votes will get the same number of points as the Finalist who receives the most votes from the Founding Sponsors or CCAP). The points are then totaled, and the On-Site Manager Finalist and Portfolio Manager Finalist with the most overall points are determined the contest winners. The winners in each category will be announced at a private reception during the CAI Annual Conference & Exhibition.


Vote for who you think should be the 2019 "Manager of the Year"!: April 15-19, 2019


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